…and I won’t fly KLM anymore

World renowned pianist, Ukrainian-born Valentina Lisitsa has been banned from KLM's entertainement programs following a complaint filed by an Ukranian nationalist under an assumed name.

The tattle-tale Inna Thorn (Platonova) then boasted about her feat on the euromaidan website.

The company wiped Lisitsa without even contacting her. Here you can read the disingenuous statement by KLM's PR person, reminding that their "organization still mourns for the loss of the countless innocent lives lost on the MH17 flight" and regretting that they "were not able to catch this before" — thus implying that Valentina Lisitsa, by playing in Donetsk and siding with the Donbass rebels, somehow glorified or approved the people who killed the passengers and crew of MH17 flight, among them a great many Dutch citizens.

They did it of course without knowing who actually shot down the Malaysian liner. This is especially hypocritous, given the reluctance of the Dutch authorities to publish their own findings about the crime.

KLM's behaviour is not only shameful, cowardly and disgusting, it is also the sign that a viciously totalitarian mind is spreading its grip within the Western world. Did anybody in the West censor, boycott or ban any Ukrainian weirdo for expressing xenophobic, racist and even nazi views about the Russians (like Kiev's Foreign Minister and NATO puppet Yatseniuk, calling them "subhuman" with the blessing of the State Department Spokesperson herself)? Not of course. Would any airline — as S. Trifković points out — consider censoring Herbert Von Karajan's records despite him having been the famed conductor of Hitler's Germany (1933-1945)?

Why then did KLM bend so subserviently to such an extreme, marginal and politically biased complaint? Because of her bold public stance in favour of Ukraine's Russians, Lisitsa has already endured far more serious injury, like being censored by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. She is a beautiful person and a world class performer — and politically immaculate until the Ukraine coup. Her commitment is virtually devastating for the Western black-and-white story about innocent Euromaidanites and ugly Russians. What if she had adopted her standpoint not despite her being a gifted, cultured, and sensitive person, but because of that?


Upon imposing an arbitrary and undiscriminate UN embargo on Serbia in 1992, the US and their satellites banned even the Serbian federation of blind chess players from playing anywhere abroad. Meanwhile, their Gurkhas in the region were allowed to wave their fascist and fundamentalist flags at will. The same thing happens with Ukraine. By bullying Russia and the non-kievite Ukrainians, the West is smoldering the rebirth of a violently regressive ideology that exclusively defines the identity of a modern nation through the hate of its neighbours.

Of all the seeds the West has pretended to plant and suffuse in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for the last quarter of a century, hate has been the only dependable crop. Now the weed is pervading the gardener's cabin. They started exporting democracy eastwards, but they ended up importing totalitarianism.


What can we do to stop this spiral of hate? Commercial harm is the weapon that the Western corporate world seems to dread most. Therefore I advise all my readers to spread and hammer the hashtags #boycottKLM and #ILikeValentinaLisitsa until the company finds it more cost-effective to comply with civilised peple than with Ukraine's hatemongers.

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Update — before they erase it, my dialogue with KLM’s Facebook PR robots: